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Global Pulp and Paper Industry Newsletter: Industry News and Insights

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

In pulp and paper industry, it is very important for internal stakeholders, investors, customers and vendors to stay informed as they are. Executives are looking for ways to improve their decision making power and collaborate with trusted research and advisory companies to get the most accurate data on industry. Recently, Newton Consulting Partners conducted a industry survey and found that almost 90% of the executives in the global pulp and paper industry rely heavily on industry data, as it is very helpful in taking informed business decisions. Without data, it is impossible to achieve desired goals of the company.

Newton Consulting is thrilled to announce the 'Global Pulp and Paper Industry Newsletter' which will be published on quarterly basis. The newsletter will provide industry news updates and insights to all stakeholders in global pulp and paper industry. Our team of analyst work closely with leading industry sources and track pulse of every news in the global pulp and paper industry.

The newsletter provides detailed analysis on latest news on price announcements, financial events, mergers and acquisition, capacity changes and other important market shifts. The market segments included in the global pulp and paper industry newsletter are pulp, recovered paper, paper, packaging, timber, wood products, and nonwovens markets. While working from strategic locations, our analyst cover each market and region from within (North America Pulp and Paper Industry, Latin America Pulp and Paper Industry, Europe Pulp and Paper Industry, Asia Pacific Pulp and Paper Industry, Middle East and Africa Pulp and Paper Industry).

The newsletter will help companies to uncover industry news and insights at a minimal cost of USD 150 per issue. The newsletter will be delivered electronically to the inbox of the subscribers.

For subscription and any other query, please contact us through this link:

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